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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lorentz National Park (Teour in Papua, Indonesia)

Lorentz National Park is one of the most complete national parks owned by Indonesia. One of his trademark is to have a layer of snow or ice gletzer in Puncak Jaya. Another peculiarity of the river that disappears a few feet into the ground in the Baliem valley. Biacara about biological diversity, should not be questioned again, Lorentz National Park has a very complete ecosystem.

There are only three areas in Southeast Asia and the Pacific who have gletzer in the tropics, and the Lorentz National Park is one of them. Lorentz National Park stretches 5,000 meters above sea level, has gletzer, mangroves and coastal waters. Have vegetation sub Alvin, Alvin, sub Montana, wetlands and forest land owned rendah.Tipe include: lichens, forest kerangas, flat land of rain forests / slopes, meadows, river forest, swamp forest, mountains, forests sago, rainforest on hills, coral sand beaches, forests and peat.

What are the animals that live there and in the Lorentz National Park? Than seventy percent of the bird in Papua, you can see in the Lorentz National Park. In total there are 630 species of birds. Pigeons, parrots, Bird Shrimp, Cassowary, megapodes, Paradise and Snow Quail are a few of them. While there are about 123 mammal species in the Lorentz National Park. Entry into the types of mammals such as pig snout length, Couscous, jungle cats and kangaroos.

Plant vegetation that you can find, among others, Mangrove, Nipah and Pandan. Sago, of course, typical crop and most of which can be found in Papua. Because of its biological diversity, then the Lorentz National Park designated as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO and Natural Heritage of ASEAN by the ASEAN countries.

In addition to the animals and plants, Lorentz National Park is also a place to live for some tribes in Papua, such as interest Sempan, Western Dani, Asmat, and spare Nduga Amungme. Some tribes in Papua has a variety of ancient cultures that supposedly older than 30,000 years ago. Some tribes even still maintain the habit of his life since then and has not been untouched by the progress of time until today.

Of the many tribes that lived in the Lorentz National Park, Asmat tribe is one of the famous tribe. They have a special kelabihan make statues of sculpture. They have been used to carve the wood from the forest into the sculptures are very beautiful. The beauty of the Asmat sculpture was made famous to the world. The Asmat have great respect for trees, and natural surroundings.

Although the Lorentz National Park was declared a National Park since 1997, but as yet the maximum of existing facilities, and not all places are easily accessible by visitors, so until now the status is still under development. Limited facilities and facilities for access of Lorentz National Park is made up to now his name not be so well known in Indonesian society itself.

If you are planning a visit to the Lorentz National Park, you should do in August to December or at the end of year holidays. You can reach it from the North Timika and went on to pioneer flight to the south, through the port of Sawa Erma.

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