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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prambanan Temple (tour in Klaten, Central Java, Indonesia)

Prambanan Temple is hindu cultural heritage as the largest in Indonesia, Prambanan Temple does have a charm of its own beauty. Because besides the shape of the building and its layout is amazing, Prambanan temple also stores historical stories and legends that really attract tourists. No wonder when the temple is located on the edge of the highway 17 km from Yogyakarta to Solo is a mainstay attractions of both cities.
Temple complex built in the 9th century AD It has three main buildings beautiful architecture as high as 47 meters. The third building symbolizes the Trimurti, the doctrine of the three main deities of the temple of Shiva (God of fuser) in the middle,Candi Brahma (God of Guardians) in the south, and Vishnu (God the Creator) in the north. Then in front of the main building there are three smaller temples as a symbol of vehicle (vehicle) of the Trimurti. The third temple is a temple Nandi (bull) which is the vehicle of Shiva, Brahma Temple Goose vehicle, and vehicle Garuda Vishnu Temple.
The tourists can also see and follow the story of the Ramayana story is carved reliefs on the walls in a clockwise direction the balustrade of the temple of Shiva and Brahma Temple continued. While on the balustrade of Vishnu carved reliefs Krisnayana story.
Entering the main temple (Shiva temple) from the north, tourists can also see a statue of a beautiful princess named Roro Jonggrang. According to legend, Roro Jonggrang is the daughter of King Boko who wish to marry by Bondowoso, a man mighty son of King Pengging. Roro Jonggrang who do not love London, trying to reject this proposal by stipulating that made a thousand temples in one night.
With supernatural powers, Bandung agreed terms and nearly managed to finish the job. Roro Jonggrang a panic, trying to thwart the success of this by mobilizing the village women to burn straw and pound rice so that the atmosphere changed as the morning.
Thought the deadline had expired, all the supernatural powers that help Bandung running. No doubt, the work is almost finished finally abandoned. This failure certainly makes Bandung wrath. And because they could not control his anger, Bandung cursed Roro Jonggrang into a statue.
The complete story of the legend of tourists can be seen in the museum building is located within the premises of Prambanan Temple. Because besides the Audio Visual room which has a movie playing for 15 minutes about the history of the discovery of the Prambanan Temple until the renovation is complete and full pugarnya, this museum is also exhibiting a collection of archaeological objects and jewelry Mataram kings of ancient relics found in Wonoboyo, Klaten.

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