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Friday, September 14, 2012

Taman Remaja Surabaya

Taman Remaja Surabaya modern leisure entertainment facilities, fully equipped provided by the manager of the Warwick amusement park Amusement Group Indonesia. One of them is the Taman remaja Surabaya represented by PT. Star park a Surabaya Teens are on the road Kusuma Bangsa, with an area of ​​16,910 m2.
By the age of over 30 years, the Taman remaja Surabaya professional in handling the performance of each facility and arena games available. This is to improve safety and comfort for visitors who want to enjoy the entertainment and recreation in the Taman remaja Surabaya.
 In large areas the Taman Remaja Surabaya provides several facilities at 16 children's games and adult attraction game machine / Fun Fair (Boom Boom Car, Ghost House, Shooting Gallery, Merry Go Round, Twin Dragon, Twist Aldin, Mini Train, Ball Pool and so on).
* 2 Stage Entertainment (Main Stage and Stage Garuda) where you can enjoy musical performances and Jakarta besama local artists in a variety of musical genres pop, hop hop, R & B, dangdut, rock and so on. And there's nothing interesting on stage entertainment, the event yatu skill performance the transvestites in preening, singing and waddle in the event transvestite show.
* 4 cafe and restaurant (Melody Cafeteria, Rainbow Cafeteria, Teen Ice Cream, etc.) which served a variety of good food menu Indonesian Food, Chinese and Western Food. As well there are also a variety of soft drinks, ice cream, fruit juice. With the location of the cafe and restaurant are spread evenly so that made it easier for those who want to rest and menikati food and beverage offerings.

There is also a public facility outlets photography, souvenirs, prayer room, medical aid, public telephones, parking areas, restrooms and office information. Taman Remaja Surabaya provide something very interesting, cheap, fun and satisfying for the visitors.

Taman Remaja Surabaya open on the day,

Monday - Fri'' at: 15:00 to 22:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday, and Great Day: 9:00 a.m. to 22:00 bbwi
Jl. Kusuma Bangsa 112-114 Surabaya, 60 136
Tep. 031-5322748 / 5344486
Fax. 031-5450372
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